Power Adaptors and Power Supplies

Power Adaptors & Power Supplies.

Standard Wall mounting Power Adaptors 

•Extensive range of single output DC voltages ranging from 3Vdc to 30Vdc rated up to 2A.

•Single output AC voltages from 6Vac to 24Vac rated up to 1A. (Inline 24vac up to 5A)

Standard Power Supplies.

•Single output DC voltages from 5Vdc to 48Vdc rated up to 6A.

•Available in Desktop or metal case.

•All adaptors and power supplies can be fitted with DC output plugs to suit.

Universal AC/DC Laptop Adaptor.

. Output voltage 12v/15v/16v/18v/19v/20v/24v

. Output current 12v-19v 4.5A / 20v-24v 4.0A

 . 8 changeable DC output plug configurations